Everyone Is Shifting to Hydraulic Separators

HVAC SystemMost enterprises in the mechanical air-conditioning market today are welcoming the idea of using hydraulic separators, as these low-loss headers (also de-couplers) help achieve high efficiency in central heating systems. They enhance the performance of these systems by separating hydraulic circuits such that each circuit functions independently.

Also, the components that these low-loss headers come with have an elaborate design to enhance the functionality of mechanical air conditioning further. These components—the air vent, insulation, and the dirt remover achieve this advanced performance levels through the following:

Proper Insulation

Insulating the entire heating and cooling system from drastic changes in air temperature.

Proper Ventilation

Appropriate and timely channelling of hydraulic fluids to respective units.

Dust and Dirt Removal

The valves at strategic points in the connections separate dust and dirt in hydraulic circuits, with the discharge piping for collecting separated contaminants.

You may have opted for closely-spaced tees over low-loss headers for the benefit of cost of purchase, but have you considered that these closely-spaced tees will not offer you as much a higher return-on-investment as would de-couplers? Here is why:

High Efficiency

Unlike with low-loss headers, dirt separation and air ventilation in closely-spaced tees is slightly insufficient.

Cost of Equal Performance

To achieve all the three functions (insulation, ventilation and dirt removal), aside from hydraulic separation, you will need more space, materials and, skilled labour when working with closely-spaced tees than with de-couplers.

Magnetic Separation

If your HVAC system retrofit has air with impurities of magnetic particles, you will find a de-coupler that comes with magnetic separation features to be useful. You cannot achieve this function with closely-spaced tees.

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Though closely-spaced tees could be relatively cheaper to purchase and maintain, hydraulic separators are a better option for more efficient hydraulic separation. The only task that remains is to find the right licensed designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality pumps, low-loss headers and other ancillary HVAC items. One with a solid reputation across Australia and New Zealand and that will meet all your mechanical air conditioning needs satisfactorily.

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