Slay All Day and Beyond: Can a Side Hustle Help Your Full Time Job?

Girl with a Full Time JobSome say that you cannot have a side hustle (job) for it might distract you from your professional goals and responsibilities. Author Hugh MacLeod, however, debunks this belief when he conceptualised the ‘sex and cash theory’. The idea is that what supplies your extra income is the ‘sex’ and your main job is the ‘cash’.

Many are under the impression that their main job must be their sole focus. The theory, however, implies that the ‘sex’ aspect is mutually beneficial to your main job and your general professional life. Recognising this, MacLeod states, improves your career growth and helps your state of financial stability. How does it help?

It Branches Out Your Interests

When you focus on a single task for a long time, there is a chance the task could end up making you feel stagnant. Inspiration is critical in any career path and when you don’t have the avenue to explore different fields and expand your knowledge, you can end up stuck.

Some side hustles help with that problem. Surveys, for example, are quick to do and the companies that conduct them are all different, allowing for some variation in subject matter. MyView says that many companies even get you paid for your opinions.

Side Hustles Can Enhance Organisational Skills

Having only one thing to do for a day can invite distraction or simple laziness. By the end of your shift, you may feel like you need more hours in a day because you had trouble finishing that one task. Multitasking, however, actually improves productivity. When you have multiple tasks on your to-do list, it forces you to come up with methods to ensure that you use your time more effectively.

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A side hustle adds responsibility to your belt, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It encourages the creation of a schedule, teaches you how to prioritise tasks and can even train you to determine what is and isn’t essential in your calendar.

Whether or not you are a diva, there is evidence that a side hustle does not take away from your main career path. Actually, it adds to your professional credentials and even lets you earn a little extra paper as long as you always stay gracious.

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