The Road to Becoming a Security+ Certified Professional: What You need to Know

Security+ CertificationWho says no to better employability and higher pay? As a security engineer or administrator, you don’t need to spend a day in the shoes of a person in a completely different industry to know the answer to that. Realistically speaking, everybody wants a stable career and financial status — and it’s no secret that it is easier to achieve that when you have more credibility. In the security industry, one way to gain more standing is through a Security+ certification.

Here’s a run through of what a Security+ certification can do for your career.

The Various Jobs Associated with Security+ Certification

According to CertBlaster, Security+ certification is a vendor-neutral IT certification aimed at security engineers and administrators. The jobs commonly associated with it are not limited to the two, though. It can also be helpful for security architects, security analysts, and cryptanalysts.

The certification gives you credentials highly regarded by technology companies and certain departments and contractors under the United States government. Furthermore, if you are eyeing a career in the U.S. Department of Defense, the certification is among the requirements for military personnel or contractors in defense security for information assurance activities.

The Requirement for Security+ Certification

Being Security+ certified opens the door for career advancement. To acquire that certification, however, you first need to pass the Security+ Exam SY0-401. The exam covers but is not limited to cryptography, data and host security, and security management, threats, and vulnerabilities. Having two years’ experience in IT security as well as a working knowledge of the exam objectives are a huge help and an advantageous prerequisite.

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The certification will gauge your knowledge and experience as a security professional. More than that, however, it will show potential clients or employers that you are competent and are able to apply related knowledge in the industry. How’s that for a career boost?

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