The Surprising Reason Your Creative Friends Love Mac

Graphic Designer in BromleyWhether or not Mac should be the standard computer for Graphic Designers will always be subject to debate.

Some say the inclination of artists to Mac products came all the way from when Mac was launched, due to the fact that it was the first ever computer to integrate features that were ideal for desktop publishing applications. This included a Graphic User Interface (GUI), drawing and typographic tools and even a nice integration to a laser printer.

On the other hand, other users say this claim has no technical basis, as Apple wasn’t technically the first company that created an operating system with a GUI, but the Xerox Alto (although only engineers had access to it at that time). Even though Apple wasn’t exactly the first company to integrate a GUI, however, they still pioneered some advances that are still valuable to many creative people today.

Developed by Apple: Digital Typography and Adobe Photoshop

According to, Susan Kare led the Apple-Macintosh team that made Digital Typography possible in the early 1980s. In 1988, meanwhile, Thomas and John Knoll built the first version of Adobe Photoshop on a Macintosh computer. They launched the application on a Mac, as it was the only computer with a colour display as well as the capacity to handle the program. The team released Photoshop exclusively for Mac computers in the 1990, and a couple of years later, a Windows version followed.

Mac vs. PC, Is there a Difference?

Mac was first to launch some applications that still prove useful to artists these days. Does that, however, affect the productivity and quality of work of artists?

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According to the Adobe Hardware Performance Whitepaper, the performance of their software depends mainly on the computer’s specs, as opposed to the operating system. Adobe clarifies that the performance of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and any of their other applications is not relative to the user’s operating system preference and that there is no real evidence for the old belief that Adobe software runs better on Mac.

Why, then, Do most Creatives Prefer a Mac?

Many designers gravitate towards a Mac because it has been a tradition. People who have been in the industry for decades prefer Mac because for a long time, it has been their only option — Apple has served their careers well, so they remain loyal.

There are, of course, legitimate technical reasons why one would prefer a Mac over a PC. For instance, if you’re a motion graphic designer who uses Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion on top of your applications, or if you are working on a workflow that uses other Apple devices. Ultimately, though, your vote should go to the tool that you feel can help you get your job done, without compromising quality.

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