Why are Art Exhibits and Toy Collections Dust-Free?

Art ExhibitExhibits, like a gallery opening or a museum collection, are often open to public viewing. This entails regular upkeep and maintenance for presentation and conservation purposes. A pristine exhibit is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also extends the life of an artwork, such as a painting or a sculpture. Figurines and action figures, meanwhile, maintain their mint condition when kept dusted and unboxed.

Among other specifics, keeping such displays dust-free is absolutely necessary. As you may have noticed, for instance, the best art exhibits and toy collections are without any particulates.

Understanding Dust and Damage

The Art Gallery of New South Wales states that in conservation, dust can lead to corrosion in pieces of art. Wax and acrylics, for example, have low melting points and dust adheres easily to these media – especially in hot weather.

This is why exhibitors and gallery owners use downdraft booths in controlling particulates in the air. Such equipment enables the containment of airborne dust and fumes, preserving the condition of a given art space. It prevents damage and enhances the façade of an artwork, for the benefit of both artist and audience.

Preserving the Integrity in an Experience

An example of the advantage of regular upkeep can be seen in Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist's creation. He made an art installation with LEDs and videos as the main medium. “Looking Through Pixel Forest,” as an installation art piece, functions through experience and audience interpretation. Exhibited at the New Museum, the 3,000 handmade plastic globes hang from the ceiling as two videos play out in shattered screens, requiring guests to relish the ambiance. The presence of dust can impede the intricate beauty of “Pixel Forest,” as every single pixel refracts in the crystal-like lights, but the magic of the experience is uninterrupted because the artist has control of the space.

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Toy Fair 2016, on the other hand, featured a range of the coolest toys in New York City. One of the most popular toys that captured the attention of participants was the millennial reincarnation of R2-D2. Star Wars fans had “nerdgasms” because of the replica BB-8 from Spin Master. Naturally, dusting is a requisite for this moving electronic toy to last. By going through the maintenance of dust and fumes, one can preserve the integrity of an artwork. A legitimate experience of art includes every detail – from the actual piece itself to the setting and manner of presentation.

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